The RAD offers an internationally-recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments designed to encourage, motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities, outlining a progressive structure for learning and achievement.

Students may start with Dance to Your Own Tune (the curriculum for students from 2½ to 5 years), move up through the first Graded levels (Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance), and then into eight further Graded levels or six Vocational Graded levels. Students may move from the Graded pathway to the Vocational Graded pathway at an appropriate moment, they may study both pathways simultaneously.

The Graded Examination in Dance Syllabus:

  • focuses on ballet (including elements of freer and progressive styles, appropriate for today’s dancer) and Character
  • includes Graded Examinations (Primary in Dance – Grade 8), Class Awards (Pre-Primary in Dance – Grade 3), Presentation Classes (Grades 4-8) and Solo Performance Awards (Grades 1-3)
  • is appropriate for candidates from the ages of 5 years

The Vocational Graded Examination in Dance Syllabus:

  • builds on the elements covered in the Graded syllabus, focusing on the performance of ballet to an advanced standard, and is intended for students who wish to pursue a career in dance
  • comprises examinations at six levels from Intermediate Foundation to Solo Seal Award
  • is suitable for candidates form the age of 11 years.

Examinations are administered by the RAD Examinations Board. In Australia RAD Vocational Graded qualifications are endorsed by State awarding bodies in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania for credits towards the Certificate of Education. RAD Graded qualifications are recognised in Tasmania for credits toward the Certificate of Education.

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Table Key

Green – Graded Examinations
Blue – Vocational Graded Examinations

Discovering Repertoire

Learners have the option of taking regulated examinations recognised at the following levels on the UK qualifications framework:

  • Level 2 (equivalent to Grade 5/Intermediate Foundation standard)
  • Level 3 (equivalent to Grades 6-8/Intermediate & Advanced Foundation standard)
  • Level 4 (equivalent to Advanced 1 & 2 standard)

The levels in the Discovering Repertoire programme are aligned to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) according to the degree of demand (difficulty) at each level. The required knowledge and understanding of the fundamental and relevant technique for the Discovering Repertoire programme means that there is currently no Level 1.

The assessments are designed to be taken in a modular format as individual units:

Unit: Class (barre and centre)
Unit: Variation 1 (development exercises and Variation 1)
Unit: Variation 2 (development exercises and Variation 2)
On completion of each individual unit, candidates will receive a unit certificate.

Candidates who successfully complete all three units of a single level as an exam will be awarded the total level qualification certificate.

Further information can be found in our specifications documents .You can also head to our quick guide to exams for more info too.

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