Video Exams

Video exams were introduced in 2020 to offer an alternative for teachers and students wishing to enter exams during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Teachers who would like to pursue filmed examinations should contact their Tour Owner to discuss their request. Filming of exams will only take place where other options (including finding an alternative examiner, and postponement) have been exhausted. Performing ‘live’ to an examiner is considered an integral part of the examination experience, and dispensing with this is only done in exceptional circumstances.

Teachers with existing entries may also be contacted to inform them that their session is now being conducted using video exams as a result of a COVID-19 situation either locally or nationally.

New for video exams in 2021

In 2021 the Academy has shifted to the use of secure video hosting platform Planet eStream to administer video exams.

Once a discussion has been had with the Tour Owner and agreement to proceed with video exams has been given, you will be provided with a secure login and password for Planet eStream in an email from the new email address.

How to submit a video exam recording

Please read the documents below

You can also view an instructional video showing you how to upload your films to Planet eStream here.

Required Documentation

Please ensure you take the time to review all guidelines and documentation before filming. Once you have uploaded your exams to Planet eStream please email with the following forms if you have not already submitted them with your entry. Your email should also confirm your upload is complete and state any procedural irregularities.

Additional information

The following document will also aid you with your planning.

For assistance or more information

For all enquiries regarding video exams please use the email address.