Teacher Information

As we return to our regular exams schedule post the disruption caused by COVID-19, we encourage teachers and students to once more prepare for live examinations in 2022.

If live examinations for your session are not possible, the tour organiser will contact teachers to discuss alternative arrangements including transferring to another session, postponing or filming exams. Teachers can view the guidelines and information regarding filmed exams on this page.

Exam preparation information for teachers in 2022.

As a result of decreased access to studio learning throughout the global pandemic RAD headquarters put together ongoing guidelines for RAD teachers to help with the planning and preparation of examinations. This includes adaptations to the format of some examinations as well as suggestions for managing social distancing in alignment with UK government guidelines. These adaptations have been extended to apply until December 2022. Find out more here.

Guidance for teachers to host COVIDSafe AEC Exams

Dance studio owners and teachers entering students for AEC exams must ensure they have a COVID Safety Plan, risk assessment, or similar plan in place, in line with state government requirements. Teachers holding RAD exams in their studio are required to ensure all COVID-19 risks are identified and managed and that Government health advice is followed at all times, as well as ensuring normal child safety policies and procedures are in place.

Download our detailed Guidance for COVIDSafe exams management document here.

General Information

Guidance for teachers on entering students for RAD exams.

For a teacher to enter candidates for RAD exams they must:

  • be a current teacher registered with the RAD
  • have registered the school and the candidates they wish to enter.

Entry forms can be submitted by another individual (e.g. the school principal), but there must be an RAD Registered Teacher listed on the entry form who is employed or contracted by the school.

If you are interested in holding RAD exams at your studio you can advertise for free to engage a RAD Registered Teacher through our Global Jobs Board. You might also find a freelance teacher in your area advertising on our Find A Teacher page.

In Australia, Examinations are organised through Examinations and Training Manager Kathryn Hughes khughes@rad.org.au

If you have an urgent exams enquiry outside of normal business hours please contact 0424 723 462

New Teachers

If you are a new teacher or are new to a particular area, we recommend that you contact us to introduce yourself and to ensure that you are added to our mailing list. Find your Regional Manager’s contact details here.

Essential information for planning exams

Exam Fees 2022

Information on fees, refunds, withdrawals and cancellations for RAD exams.  2022 FEES Australia Fee per candidate / participant A$ (inc GST) AEC RAV EXAMINATION Member*…
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Entry Forms

Please read our privacy notice before completing and submitting your entry forms. Entry forms for 2022 AEC1 Entry Form 2022 AEC2 Entry Form 2022 RAV1…
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Online Entries

Please note online entries will be available from early February. Entries can also be submitted via paper forms on email. __________________________________________________________   Online Entries From…
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Specifications and syllabus updates

Exam preparation information for teachers in 2022. As a result of decreased access to studio learning throughout the global pandemic RAD headquarters put together ongoing…
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RAD Approved Venue Information

Information regarding the RAD approved venue (RAV). Sydney Head Office Studio The Royal Academy of Dance has laid Harlequin Cascade Plus in its head office…
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Exam policies and guidelines

The RAD Examinations Board publishes policies and guidelines covering all aspects of its work.
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Prerequisites and age requirements

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Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations

If you are concerned about whether to enter an RAD exam due to a special educational need, disability or medical condition, you can request special…
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Exam Refunds

If a candidate is unable to attend for or complete an examination due to circumstances beyond their control, including illness, compassionate reasons, e.g. a family…
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Exam Feedback Seminars

Examinations Feedback Seminars provide an opportunity for Examiners to feed back to teachers, in general terms, information about how marks were awarded in examinations over…
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A guide to uniform for Graded and Vocational Graded examinations. The recommended uniform should be worn for all examinations. Where this is not possible, suitable…
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Orientation Days

What is an Orientation Day? The Orientation Day is offered to candidates to familiarize them with the examination protocol and venue. Students will be given…
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Result Enquiry Service

In order to provide an additional service to teachers, candidates and customers, a result enquiry service is available: A result enquiry report service includes a report…
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Video Exams

Video exams were introduced to offer an alternative for teachers and students wishing to enter exams during the COVID-19 global pandemic when live exams were…
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Replacement Certificates

If you lose your certificate, medal or result form awarded, we may be able to provide a replacement. For exams taken before 2003, we cannot…
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