PDPTC Programme Content


Dance Teaching in Context

Places a dancer’s professional experience at the core of study that bridges the gap between performance and pedagogy; key debates about dance teaching as a profession and the contexts in which teaching takes place are central concepts to this, the first module of the programme. You will gain systematic knowledge of the wide range of environments in which dance teaching takes place, regionally, nationally and internationally. The module also covers the expectations and requirements of professional dance teachers, their roles and responsibilities, and current employment opportunities.



Pedagogy in Practice

Places practice and theory side by side to support students, through mentoring and tutoring, as they engage with practical teaching opportunities; teaching observations, teaching assisting and a teaching project during the Intensive On-site Study Period (ISP). The module culminates in a 12 week teaching placement, in a context and country to suit the student (of the students’ choice).

Practical Teaching

Through a teaching placement, students gain practical experience in planning effective classes, managing the learning environment and providing a positive dance experience for all learners. The placement involves support from mentors and practical teaching supervisors who provide regular feedback, encouragement and support.



Dance Teaching for the 21st Century: Practice and Innovation

Informed by reflection of their vocational training and professional experience, this module places comparative study of different pedagogical approaches to ballet and selected contemporary techniques as central to students’ development as innovative creative teachers.

Requiring students to develop a critical response to existing studio-based practices and theoretical discourse in dance training and education, this module guides students in their journey to becoming professional dance teachers and educators