Nicholas Marks

Photo: WILK

Shortlisted piece Desaparecido

A tango inspired piece conjuring images of a Buenos Aires night club, with the passion, fire and lust of a romantic dance-off between two people. A modern take on the style with a twist, combining inspiration from different worlds of Piazzolla, Debussy and Radiohead.

About Nicholas Marks

Nicholas Marks is a uniquely modern composer of film, television and multi-disiplinary scores. His prolific output has played everywhere from international cinemas and streaming platforms, to underground clubs and major concert/broadway theaters. He has worked in collaboration with renowned directors such as Roger Spottiswoode (Tomorrow Never Dies); iconic choreographer and founder of hip-hop dance Rennie Harris (Funkedified); had his music performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra; and written music for projects featuring Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchette among others. Marks’ musical voice artistically and skillfully moves between styles and moods, harmonizing futuristic and traditional sounds with timeless emotion.

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