Photo: Angela Kaja Ferro

Andrew Ball

Shortlisted piece Arachnodactyl Timelapse 

Arachnodactyl Timelapse explores the concept of the hybridisation, or point of intersection, between the ‘mechanical’ and the ‘human’. This piece invites the listener to imagine an intricate mechanism weaving filigree and pointillistic gestures into a vivid and turbulent wash of sound, evoking a dream-like and languorous state.”

About Andrew Ball

Andrew Ball enjoys a diverse career as a saxophonist and composer. With a uniquely kinetic and colourful compositional voice, Andrew draws from an eclectic variety of contemporary, improvised, and electronic musics. His compositional approach extends the capabilities of performers, exploits
and reimagines the idiosyncrasies of instruments, and challenges ideologies surrounding context and genre. Andrew has recently worked with ensembles including The Australia Ensemble, Hourglass Ensemble, Barega Saxophone Quartet, and Queensland Youth Orchestras. In 2017, Andrew launched his ongoing solo project with the release of his album Forbidden Languages, a
suite of genre-defying original works for extended and prepared saxophones.

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