Information for RAD Registered Teachers

We’ve developed a Global Register of RAD Teachers as a great new resource, to support you and to protect the public. As an RAD Registered Teacher, you are eligible to be listed on the register as long as you continue to meet our professional standards and training requirements.

Being listed demonstrates your training, skills and knowledge, allowing employers, prospective students, and their parents and guardians, to find you with confidence and to check that those advertising as RAD teachers are in fact on the register. This will remove any confusion in the marketplace and create clarity and fairness that allows people to make informed choices when choosing an RAD dance teacher.

As your membership organisation, we want to help you and your business to thrive. You will also benefit from increased visibility across our networks and on our website where, last year, there were over 106,000 searches made for an RAD Registered Teacher. We also encourage you to link to the register from your websites or social media pages to encourage prospective parents/guardians and students to check, reinforcing their decision to choose you or your school.


The register is quick and easy to reference, with two types of listing: standard, containing name and country, and enhanced, providing dance school(s) information, and we will continue to develop the functionality. As a professional member of the RAD you can choose the option that best suits you via the Members’ Area.

The register updates every 12 hours at 12:00 and 24:00 UK time.

We encourage all our members to register for the Members’ Area in order to get the most out of their membership. If you have not yet signed up to the Members’ Area you can do this by contacting us to request your unique registration URL. We would be very happy to help you sign up so you can access all membership benefits. Simply contact your contact us or the Membership team at headquarters and a member of staff will be able to support you.

We are permitted to hold a register of teachers as per our bye-laws and will publish the name and country of residence of all our teachers on our website. If you are not happy about this please get in touch with us.

RAD Registered Teacher membership

Join the RAD’s worldwide network of qualified dance teachers and become part of a professional, international community.
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Teacher training with the RAD

Qualify as a dance teacher through one of our programmes. Full and part-time, as well as, on site and remote options available.
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