9 January 2020 14:18

RAD Chief Executive, Luke Rittner together with RAD Australia National Director, Rebecca Taylor take a moment to acknowledge the devastating bushfire and drought crisis in Australia

2020 is a milestone year for the RAD as we celebrate our centenary around the world. Here in Australia, the devastating bushfires are a disaster unlike any our country has ever seen before and we are deeply aware that the mood is perhaps not one of celebration right now.

We were reminded of a very important thing today by way of a viral video currently circulating on social media. A firefighter, in a brief moment of respite, is filmed dancing in front of his fire truck on the frontline of the fire. In this time of intense trauma and immediate danger, this man took a brief moment to break the tension and simply…dance. This firefighter’s lighthearted break from the immense pressures of a truly dire situation reminds us that we can all find solace in dance.

Through dance, our RAD family can offer support and friendship that can help lift the spirit and we can express things through movement that sometimes we cannot find the words to convey.

We are listening to the stories emerging from our members and their students and looking to see what we as the RAD can do to support those members of the RAD family who might be in need. In the meantime, we know that our worldwide colleagues are thinking of us at this difficult time. If you or other members you know of are impacted by these fires and would like to talk to someone, do contact Rebecca Taylor at the RAD Sydney office.

We would also like to acknowledge that it is not only fire which has ravaged so many of our Australian communities in recent times. There are those who have been facing drought for the past few years and we want to assure you that you have been, and will continue to be, in our thoughts and considerations.

Finally, when the current crisis has passed we must all remember the power of dance to heal and also that our unique membership both in Australia and globally are with us and sharing concern and support.

We wish you all a safe and more uplifting year ahead.

Luke Rittner  and        Rebecca Taylor
Chief Executive                 RAD Australia National Director