What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process of continually updating and improving your knowledge and skills throughout your professional life. Typically it takes place through some form of training or learning activity, and is standard practice for members of professional organisations.

The RAD CPD Scheme

The RAD introduced a mandatory CPD scheme in July 2013. Participation in the scheme is mandatory for teachers registered with the RAD, however, our CPD activities are open to all. Teachers will need to take part in a minimum number of CPD activities each year in order to retain their Registered Teacher status. This requirement must be completed in the CPD year, between 1 September and 31 August.

Our CPD Activities

Our portfolio of CPD activities is designed to support dance teachers and dance professionals in developing their skills and expand their knowledge of the dance and dance education sector. These activities are open to all, and take place both online and in person.

CPD Exemptions

If you are unable to participate in the CPD scheme, you may be eligible to apply for an exemption. Please read the CPD Guide to Exemptions for further information on reasons for exemption, and how to apply.

CPD Declaration 

At the end of a CPD year, you will be required to declare your CPD as part of the RAD membership renewal process.

RAD staff are happy to take your calls and answer questions that you might have, we understand that sometimes it’s good to talk to someone that understands first hand, the pressures of being a dance teacher.

Read more about Declarations

More Information

Have you still got questions about CPD?

If you have any general questions about the scheme or how it operates, please contact CPD Coordinator Anna Mealing

If you have any questions about exemption from the CPD scheme, or want to know more about what happens if you do not meet the CPD requirement, please contact the Membership department at membership@rad.org.au.

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