12 March 2020 11:19

RAD Australia and IDS Australia working together to support teachers

We are proud to announce that we have signed an agreement for 2020 with International Dance Supplies Australia (IDS), a leading provider of dancewear, costumes and shoes, which will see our teaching Members receive much needed support. In a year which has seen the pressures of the summer bushfire crisis, years of drought and then mass flooding, not to mention the, as yet unknown, toll of COVID-19, we are delighted to be able to give back to teachers with the support of IDS.

In this brand new partnership with our existing exam uniform licensee RAD Registered Teachers attending any CPD (continuing professional development) course in 2020 will be rewarded for their proactive learning by being entered into a draw to receive a $250 IDS Australia voucher. Multiple vouchers will be awarded at every one of our 12 courses in the 2020 year programme. Those courses which have already passed in 2020 to date will be drawn retrospectively.

Furthermore, Australian Members will have the opportunity to receive yet more $250 IDS vouchers as part of a random monthly draw which will be announced in the National Director’s emails to Members between August and December. Such a boost is bound to help offset the cost of costumes and supplies at the key end of year concert time.

Throughout 2020 RAD Members will also receive a huge 20% discount on purchases through the IDS Australia website using a special code which can be found in the Members’ Area of our website.

IDS will also support our 2020 Student Events Programme including centenary events aiding us in the delivery of opportunities to learn, achieve and perform.

Finally, we are grateful to announce that IDS will be an inaugural partner in a very special initiative, once again supporting teachers from 2020. This initiative, to be announced mid year, will allow RAD Australia to respond to direct needs identified by our Members. It will give opportunities and assistance to the Membership which has been at our core throughout the past 100 years. The legacy of this initiative will be felt for years to come and we are grateful to IDS for being one of our first partners in this. Stay tuned for more as the year unfolds.

National Director Rebecca Taylor said…

“Our members are our core and we are pleased to be able to directly support them with the assistance of this partnership with International Dance Supplies. Natural disasters are unpredictable and health crisis such as COVID-19 unprecedented. This year Australia has faced multiple challenges. It is vital we do what we can to work with our Members through this difficult time and RAD Australia is grateful for partners such as IDS for standing alongside us in this endeavour. Besides their immediate support, we are also grateful, thanks to IDS, to be on our way to achieving a long held goal with the new initiative to be announced in the months to come. There is much work to do on this but I am gratified that IDS have helped us get the ball rolling.”