20 November 2019 10:51

Diana de Vos OAM MA FRAD Awards 2019 winners announced

Congratulations to all the students who took part in the 2019 Diana de Vos OAM MA FRAD Awards in Western Australia this year. Students from Grade 3 to Advanced 2 took part in the day at The West Australian Ballet Centre.

A warm thank you to our adjudicators Diana de Vos and Polly Hilton and our class teachers Carole Hill, Meg Parry, Holly Pooley and Jenny Trafford as well as our pianists Ayako Hirai and Inessa Tiuliaeva.

Lastly, thank you to our team of volunteers and staff who helped the day to run smoothly and to the dedicated teachers who prepared the students to compete.

These awards could not acknowledge the talent of our students without the generous support of our sponsors Bloch and Harlequin Floors.

We are delighted to share a list of our winners here now.