2 June 2022 12:16

Celebrating Pride Month

We will be sharing stories and celebrating the contribution of dancers from the LGBTQIA+ community, so check back throughout June for more stories, articles, podcasts and resources.

At the RAD, we are also committed to understanding the issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community and we’ll be sharing your stories and experiences all year round. So, whether you’re a part of the community or an ally, let us know about the issues you’ve faced, or what you’d like to celebrate.

Have you supported a student to feel more comfortable with their identity? Did dance help you find your pride? What do you do to make your dance classes an inclusive environment? Are you going to a Pride parade or party?

Email us with your stories and photos for a chance to be featured here on the website or in our Members’ Area. If you’re celebrating in style this month don’t forget to use the hashtag #ProudToBeRAD to be featured on our social media pages.

Proud to be an Ally

The RAD's Chief Executive on what it means to be an LGBTQIA+ ally.
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The first place I could be myself

Trans ballet dancer, and RAD student, Sophie Rebecca, on what dance means to her.
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Choreographer Adriana Pierce created the initiative, #QueertheBallet, to broaden the definition and representation of classical ballet to meaningfully include lgbtq+ narratives and creative voices. Focusing on queer women, non-binary, and trans dancers in ballet, #QueertheBallet explores choreographic connections often absent from ballet stages and seeks to “queer” our ballet spaces with intention, authenticity, and pride.

Having an understanding...

An RAD teacher shares her experience about supporting a Trans student at her school.
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Beyond Male/Female: Nonbinary Dancers Forging Their Own Paths.

Article by Dance Magazine Image: Holly Sass and author Jonathan Matthews- Guzaman in Breaktime's 'Parting Glass'. Photo by Natalie Deryn Johnson
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Here, queer and dancing

A male pairing on the British tv show Strictly Come Dancing shone a spotlight on the LGBTQ+ dance scene. Emily Garside explores the history and power of queer dance in Dance Gazette.
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Queer Perspectives from The Australian Ballet

In late 2020 some of the dancers of The Australian Ballet provided their Queer Perspectives, talking about how their identity has shaped their art, and their advice for queer ballet boys.
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Please see resources here from One Dance UK for supporting transgender dancers. 

“I know I’m not the only one”  – Lesbians in Ballet talk about community, finding their dancestors and reimagining canonical works in is New York Times Article.
“You should be able to be any version of a human that you are, and that you want to be, and do the art form that you love.” Katy Pyle