One BIG happy dance family!

The Royal Academy of Dance is a global dance family made up of generations of dancers, dancing siblings, and studio families. As part of RAD Australia’s centenary celebrations, we want to hear all about your dance family and its history as part of ours.

We want to see your pictures, hear your stories, and understand what dance has meant to you and those you love in the last 100 years. Throughout 2021 we will profile the stories and images you share with us on our website and social media, to reflect on the special connection that dance brings to our lives.

To share your stories and images use the #RADfamily on social media or email with your stories.


Mother, son, daughter

Photo by Everline Imagery

Mother (Patricia Orsini) trained in classical ballet at the Ann McDonald College in Enfield in the late 70s and early 80s but was later tempted to change career prospects and began flying internationally for Qantas as International Cabin Crew where she is still today.

Son, Louis (12 years) began RAD Ballet classes at the tender age of 3 and his passion for the art has grown so much that he now trains up to 14 hours per week at Tanya Pearson Academy. His dream is to dance for a ballet company in either Europe or USA. He is part of the Intermediate transition program at TPA as well as an Eisteddfod Group participant.

Daughter, Jasmine Provence (10 years) began her RAD training at 5 years of age and spent the first nine months of her first year staring at herself in the mirror pretending to cry and laugh and would only join the class right at the very end when it was time to courtesy. She is now a Junior Transition student at TPA and an Eisteddfod Group member. She is so passionate about dancing that she trains up to 12 hours per week in many forms of dance with a smile permanently affixed on her lips.

“Dancing is in our soul and forms each and every part of our day. We would not be who we are today without the passion to dance.”