Music at the RAD

Music-making – performing, publishing and recording – is an important part of the RAD’s work, and the work that our teachers, members and students do.

In these pages you can find out more about several different aspects of music:

News and Music for Musicians

Music News

Music news from around the RAD.
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Online Sheet Music for Ballet

Ballet music and music for ballet classes is a specialist repertoire that is hard to find in general music stores. But many of the most…
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Playing for Ballet Class: An Introduction for Beginners

Ballet classes are remarkably similar anywhere in the world, although they may vary in content according to the age and level of participants. The structure…
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Dance Rhythms for Ballet Pianists

This page is a guide for pianists to dance rhythms that are useful in ballet classes.
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Playing for RAD Exams

Advice for musicians performing for RAD exams. Live and Recorded Music in Exams Pianists can play for RAD exams, class awards, demonstration or presentation classes…
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Music in Syllabus, for RAD Events, and in Your School

Behind the Scenes

One of the biggest changes to come out of the recent review of the syllabus was music. The syllabus now contains a large selection of…
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Music Resources

A guide to the music and music resources published by the RAD, with direct links to our online shop.
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Music at the Genée

Music information for the Genée International Ballet Competition.
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Phyllis Bedells Bursary - Music

Phyllis Bedells Bursary music information.
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Pianos, Digital Pianos, and Keyboards

You don't have to have an upright or grand piano in your studio for examinations; you can also use a digital piano. However, it's important…
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Sound Systems

Students should be able to hear an engaging and dynamic sound above the level of ambient noise, wherever they are in the studio: no dancer…
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