18 September 2020 13:56

Winners of the RAD Centenary Dance Teacher Awards

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the RAD Centenary Dance Teacher Awards.

These awards were created to celebrate and honour the excellence of RAD Registered Teachers from around the world. We wanted to take the occasion to acknowledge their achievements, and showcase their contribution and commitment to the wider field of dance teaching.

The response to the awards was nothing short of extraordinary, and really showcased the diversity of such an international network of RAD Registered Teachers. We received around 300 nominations, which were then shortlisted by members of the Faculty of Education. The shortlist was then put to a public vote in June which saw a remarkable 11605 votes cast. These votes were then compiled with a judges vote to determine the winners of each category.

So, without further ado, the winners are:

Dr Michelle Groves, Director of Education, took some time to chat with the four winners and got to know a little more about them and their teaching careers.

Dr Groves also commented “In these challenging times, our community of dance teachers has shown resilience, determination and compassion, and I really believe that this is reflected in the nominations, shortlist and four winners.”

Congratulations to all the nominees, shortlisted candidates and especially to our winners!