29 November 2023 11:33

Winners of the 2023 Diana de Vos OAM MA FRAD Awards

We are elated to share the winners of the recently concluded Diana de Vos Awards 2023, presented by the Western Australia Regional Advisory Panel. Hosted at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) on Sunday, November 19th, this event was a spectacular showcase of talent and commitment within the RAD Syllabus. The distinguished adjudicators, including the renowned Diana de Vos, OAM MA FRAD, along with Danielle Heywood and Polly Hilton, presided over a spectacular day of dance. Guiding the candidates through their classes were teachers Alinta McRae and Jenny Trafford.

The annual event not only highlighted the exceptional dance prowess of the participants but also paid tribute to the rich history of nurturing young talent in the region. The day was a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of both teachers and supporters, showcasing the thriving dance community in Western Australia.

This year's Diana de Vos Awards held particular significance as it marked the first official duty for Perth situated National Director Shelley Yacopetti after her permanent appointment to the esteemed position. Expressing her sentiments about the event, Yacopetti remarked, "It was very special to attend the Diana de Vos Awards in my hometown this year representing the Academy. Congratulations to all the participants and teachers, and thank you to our sponsors who make these events possible."

You can download the digital programme here

Prize Grade Name Studio Name
Winner Grade 3 Avianna Neilson Sutu Ballet Coaching
Runner Up Grade 3 Nara So Silhouette Dance Studio
Winner Grade 4 Grace Rayner Gail Meade Performing Arts Centre
Runner Up Grade 4 Mary Caccetta Silhouette Dance Studio
Winner Grade 5 Shelby McAuliffe Katharine Mantle Performing Arts Academy
Runner Up Grade 5 Macey Goodall Dynamic Performing Arts
Winner Grade 6&7 Emelie Wong Dance Venture
Runner Up Grade 6&7 Poppy Purwien Perth Classical and Contemporary Coaching
Winner Intermediate Foundation Haruku Hoshi Perth Classical and Contemporary Coaching
Runner Up Intermediate Foundation Naomi Hamilton Perth Classical and Contemporary Coaching
Winner Intermediate Amelia Baker Silhouette Dance Studio
Runner Up Intermediate Arianna Collier Katherine Mantle Performing Arts Academy
Winner Advanced Foundation Emelie Wong Dance Venture
Runner Up Advanced Foundation Raine Lee John Curtin College of Arts
Winner Advanced 1 Kayla Payne Perth Classical and Contemporary Coaching
Runner Up Advanced 1 Eve Gaudio Perth Classical and Contemporary Coaching
Artist Award Grade 3, 4 & 5 Makai Lewis-Rees Perth Classical and Contemporary Coaching
Artistic Award Grade 6 & 7 Sienna Nyeverecz The Star Factory
Artistic Award Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate Hollie de Vries Silhouette Dance Studio
Artistic Award Advanced Foundation & Advanced 1 Emelie Wong Dance Venture

Overall Winners

Diana de Vos Overall Junior Award: Emelie Wong / Dance Venture

Diana de Vos Overall Senior Award: Haruku Hoshi / Perth Classical and Contemporary Coaching

The Royal Academy of Dance congratulates all the winners and expresses gratitude to the adjudicators and teachers for their invaluable support and contributions to the event. These awards demonstrate the Academy's commitment to nurturing and recognizing excellence in dance education. We are grateful for the ongoing support of our local and national Sponsors, whose generous support allows us to host these events. 

Our thanks also to the regional staff who facilitate these events, in this case Regional Manager SA/WA/NT Philippa Lynas, and Regional Coordinator Erin Bond

With massive thanks to the National Sponsors of our Student Events Programme