14 August 2023 15:45

Townsville Finalists announced for the 2023 inaugural Shirley Treacy Awards

We are proud to announce the finalists of the Townsville Semi-Finals of the inaugural Shirley Treacy Awards. These highly anticipated semi-finals were held in Townsville, the hometown of the legendary Shirley Treacy, who the Awards are named after in honour of her contribution to the dance community.  Townsville is a place that holds great significance as it is where Shirley Treacy was born and where she cultivated her ballet skills, just like the aspiring candidates.

The adjudicator, RAD Examiner Julia Barry, was highly impressed by the  dedication and skill exhibited by all participants during the event, which took place on Sunday, August 13th. The Royal Academy of Dance Australia would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to all the finalists and express appreciation to all the participants, their teachers, and their families for their unwavering support.

These talented finalists will progress to the finals of the Shirley Treacy Awards, where they will be adjudicated virtually against other finalists from various regions across Queensland in September 2023.

RAD Australia extends its gratitude to the volunteers & regional advisory panel, participants, and supporters whose involvement has made the Shirley Treacy Awards Semi-Finals in Townsville, Queensland a success. Their unwavering support proves instrumental in providing valuable opportunities for aspiring dancers in Regional Queensland to pursue their dreams and cement their place in the world of dance.

Congratulations to all students who participated in this event, we remain committed to ensuring all students enjoy and grow from the experiences we offer.

The finalists are:

Grade 4 and 5 Finalists

  • 104 – Peyton Prothero - The Dance Collective
  • 105 - Mikhaila Miller - Ann Roberts School of Dance
  • 111 – Mia Bonaventura - The Dance Collective
  • 113 – Ruby Elson – Edge Dance Studio Whitsundays


Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate

  • 201 – Lainey Griffiths - Townsville Academy of Performing Arts
  • 204 – Vivian Hession - Ann Roberts School of Dance
  • 207 – Lily Bastin-Byrne - Townsville Academy of Performing Arts
  • 209 – Maia Heron - Ann Roberts School of Dance

Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2

  • 309 - Lucy Jepson - Croft Gilchrist School of Dance
  • 310 - Kalista Nelson - Croft-Gilchrist School of Dancing
  • 311 - Faithe Richards - Townsville Academy of Performing Arts
  • 312 - Amali Burch - Ann Roberts School of Dance

With thanks to our generous sponsors of the 2023 National Events Programme