Medals and Awards

Each year the candidates perform for one of three medals. Audience and choreography awards are also given.

The Prize

Three medals are usually awarded – gold, silver and bronze – in male and female categories. They are awarded completely at the judges’ discretion and, as such, a gold medal is not always awarded. Medallists also receive €5,000, €3,000 or €2,000 in prize money.

The Margot Fonteyn Audience Choice Award as well as a Choreographic Award for the best Dancer’s Own variation, are also given.

Assessment Criteria


  • Secure posture and weight placement, use of turnout, articulated and clearly defined footwork
  • Coordinated and sensitive use of the arms and hands in balanced harmony with the whole body, breadth of movement, use of épaulement, alignment, head and eye-line
  • Rhythmical and controlled pirouettes
  • Controlled, sustained and coordinated adagio movements creating harmonious lines through the whole body
  • Effective use of elevation, accurate batterie, and the ability to reflect the dynamics and artistic qualities of the allegro steps
  • Use of space


  • Rhythmical accuracy and timing
  • Response to musical atmosphere and dynamics


  • Confident movements performed with ease
  • The ability to interpret and express the varying artistic qualities and appropriate style
  • The gold medal is only awarded when a candidate demonstrates exceptional technical skills, an innate response to music, outstanding performance qualities and charisma
  • The Silver medal is awarded to a candidate who is proficient in technique, music and performance
  • The Bronze medal is awarded to a candidate who is proficient in technique, music and performance although some areas of the work may not be as strong as others.