Why Choose Us?

Just a few reasons to further your dance education with the RAD…


Studying With the RAD

  1. RAD graduates are in demand– Our graduates are highly sought after by employers, with 100% employment rate on some of our programmes.
  2. Connected with the world of dance– We have partnerships and connections with hundreds of dance education organisations around the world. Our partnerships augment your learning experience and ensure that you are well prepared for the workplace.
  3. World class education at an affordable price – We make our programmes as accessible as possible to all students and are committed to delivering world-class education at an affordable price.
  4. We are an international organisation– We welcome students from all around the world and currently have students from up to 86 different countries studying with us. We have 34 international offices and offer one programme in seven different languages.
  5. History & experience– When you join us as a student you will become part of an organisation that has a long and distinguished history. Established in 1920, we almost 100 years of experience in training and educating dance teachers.
  6. Professional membership– As a student, you gain access to the professional membership body of the Royal Academy of Dance, which, in addition to a global support network, ensures you have a competitive advantage from day one.
  7. Registered Teacher status– Most of our students are eligible for registration as teachers with the RAD on completion of their programme.
  8. Student satisfaction– Our students are satisfied with their study experience, with most of our programmes gaining over 90% in surveys.