Professional Award in Adult Dance Practice

The Professional Award in Adult Dance Practice will equip you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to adapt your dance teaching to a broad range of adult learners.

The award is designed to offer you the flexibility of working from home or wherever you are in the world, allowing you to choose when to study.

You will explore and engage with educational and pedagogical theories and apply these to your own experiences and teaching of adult dance learners. You will also learn how to identify new opportunities in response to changing demographics and business management initiatives in order to build your current business.

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The Professional Award in Adult Dance Practice consists of four 15 credit modules, a total of 600 study hours, delivered by distance learning over two years full-time or four years part time. If you do not wish to complete the full award, you can undertake individual modules on a standalone basis.

The modules are delivered via a Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE) so you will need access to a computer with reliable internet. You should be confident in writing and editing documents and creating spreadsheets, be able to send and receive emails, use search engines for research purposes, download files and use online forums. You will receive regular support from a designated tutor, and you will be able to work with other students through online discussion forums.


Year 1

CPD510: Dancing into Adulthood (15 Credits)

Delivery: 19 January 2018 – 25 April 2018

Closing date: 08 January 2018

This module encourages you to consider a range of strategies to ensure that adult dance classes provide a safe, engaging and challenging learning environment. It will explore how a range of disciplines can be used to enhance the fitness and wellbeing of adult learners.

CPD511: Dance for Older Adults (15 Credits)

Delivery: 09 May 2018 – 22 August 2018

Closing date: 30 April 2018

This module explores how dance might enhance the overall fitness and wellbeing of older adult learners. Drawing on a range of perspectives, such as political, socio-economic, cultural and creative issues, it will also investigate practical concerns and solutions, introducing the principles which underpin effective and safe practice. You will be equipped with the tools that you need to plan and present lesson content that is inclusive, inspiring and challenging.

Year 2

CPD512: Principles of Adult Ballet (15 Credits)

Delivery: 19 January 2018 – 25 April 2018

Closing date: 08 January 2018

Units of study will start with general principles of adult learning theory, and progress through application of this theory to dance teaching and more specific applications in relation to ballet (free classes and adapted syllabi). It also looks at what you need to consider when entering adults for exams. Alongside theoretical readings drawn from current publications, study tasks will make use of video extracts and case studies.

CPD513: Business Strategy and Digital Communications (15 Credits)

Delivery: 09 May 2018 – 22 August 2018

Closing dates: 30 April 2018

This module will provide you with the practical tools and resources needed to build a successful dance business. It considers a range of strategies to successfully reach target audiences and you will be guided in developing marketing plans and communications strategies to best position your business in the market.


Subject knowledge is assessed against learning outcomes as specified for each module, through a range of formative and summative assessment modes.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this award.

Language of Delivery

The language of delivery is English. If English is not your first language, please visit the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) website. Although the test is not required, it is a good indicator of the standard of English required for the programme. You should achieve a score of 6.5 on the IELTS test.


Successful completion of all four modules leads to the Professional Award in Adult Dance Practice (60 Credits aligned to FHEQ Level 5). Find out more about FHEQ levels.


Please note this course is administered by RAD Global Headquarters in London. Fees must be paid by the published closing date.

  • Individual Modules (15 Credits): £460 for Members /£560 for non-members
  • Full Award: £1,840 for Members/£2,240 for non-members

Application Forms and Information

If you wish to apply please complete the application form in line with applications guidelines. Please return completed applications along with a completed equal opportunities form to the CPD Department via email or post.

Address: Operations Manager CPD Department Royal Academy of Dance 36 Battersea Square London SW11 3RA UK