Swan Stories

Read what some of our Silver Swans have to say about their classes.


Age: 74

Where do you take Silver Swans classes: I take classes with Lyn in Kawana QLD.

What a delight it is to dance with the Silver Swans. At the tender age of 74 I nervously  joined the group at Kawana  one year ago.   All of the  Ladies including our talented Teachers  were  so warm and welcoming and obviously adored ballet as much as myself, however, until now we had nowhere to express this love of dance for our age group.   I read about Lyn’s Silver Swans in the local paper and took the plunge, I am so happy I did,  it is a wonderful extension to my Pilates and general interest in the Arts.    I also adore the music Lyn chooses and the effort she makes to accommodate us all with such humility and passion.  The Silver Swans are the Silver Lining to my childhood dreams.   As a Practitioner in Speech and Drama this is the Icing on the cake.


Age: 60

Where do you take Silver Swans classes: I take classes with Christine in Rose Bay, Sydney

I am 60 years old and have attended 2 classes of the Friday Beginners class at Rose Bay Church.

I have wanted to do ballet for a long time but I have had health issues that have made me hesitant to try, but mostly  I couldn’t find a class for older ballet dancers. I began pilates a year ago to build up my strength while searching and hoping to find a ballet class somewhere that was at a level that I could do. After many hours of searching the internet I found the Silver Swans at Rose Bay.I have attended 2 classes and it is everything that I had hoped that ballet class would be. It is teaching me ballet positions and techniques at a level that I can cope with. It is very challenging for my balance, and I have seen my balance improve already. The tuition is of a very high standard and lots of fun. The teachers are very supportive. I feel that I am really doing ballet and not a gym/ballet hybrid that many gyms offer. The main difference I noticed between ballet and the pilates that I had been doing, is that you have to think more in ballet. You have to be on the beat, and count beats, and remember combinations and sequences of moves, and of course you have to dance and move to music. I feel very fortunate to be learning from such highly skilled teachers. This is a rare opportunity.


Age: 65

Where do you take Silver Swans classes: I take classes with Lyn in Maroochydore QLD.

I learned ballet as a little girl and was able to take classes on and off into my early 20s -but as I got older I was unable to find adult classes. Finding Silver Swans has been wonderful. There are definitely days now when I feel more like a grey goose than a silver swan, but I still love everything about ballet. Most of us in the class have some sort of health issue- I have a hip that causes me bother from time to time but all my aches and pains are better for the exercise, not worse and the music never fails to lift my mood. In addition to the ballet I have discovered a wonderful community of likeminded women and coffee after class is part of the experience.

Maroochydore Silver Swan

Age: 74

Where do you take Silver Swans classes: I take classes with Lyn in Kawana QLD.

I have just completed my first year with Silver Swans and Adult Dance Circle I am thrilled to say it has been one of the best experiences of my 74years.  It is empowering and challenging to revisit my childhood dream and dance alongside other similar minded dancers.  No judgement just pure joy.  Thank you Lyn for enabling me to start again. Your sheer passion and encouragement is palpable. We all love coming to class.


Age: 86

Where do you take Silver Swans classes: I take classes with Lyn in Kawana QLD.

I had a friend at school who used to bring her ballet shoes to school and I used to hold them lovingly, but “Methodists don’t dance!!!!!!.
However when I was forty I started Jazz and Tap then at  50 I did some ballet .Then we moved up to the Sunshine coast and I spotted the Ann Fraser school of dance which reminded me of my very early years, so I rang to enquire about ballet classes for seniors and joined the Silver Swans on my 86th birthday in the hope that moving to music would improve my less than perfect memory.
I’m not too sure that it has but I thoroughly enjoy the classes and the company.


Age: 72

Where do you take Silver Swans classes: I take classes with Lyn in Noosa QLD.

I moved here 18 months ago from Sydney, and looked for a form of exercise that I would not only enjoy but one that kept me physically fit and mentally challenged.  I tried a few things and then thankfully found Lyn’s ballet classes.  All my boxes were ticked – and much more – the classes are now the highlight of my week.  My strength and flexibility as well as my posture have all improved, and trying to  remember the dance sequences is great for the memory!  The classes are fun and enjoyable and a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy.


Age: 74

Where do you take Silver Swans classes: I take classes with Sarah in Harpenden.

I lived for dancing when I was young, but have done nothing for 50+ years! I was thrilled to find Silver Swans & although I obviously can’t do things as I used to or would like to, the sheer joy of moving to music is still there – all the old steps & exercises – such fun. We are all in the same boat so it doesn’t matter, we all do what we can.

Ballet is such a wonderful discipline, mentally & physically. Remembering sequences, flexibility, balance & co-ordination all decline with age so the challenge can only be beneficial.


Age: 57

Where do you take Silver Swans classes: Rawlins Academy in Quorn, Leicestershire

Have you danced before? No

Brief outline of when and why you joined the Silver Swans class, and how it has benefited you.
I started attending Silver Swans when Caroline started her classes in Quorn in 2017. I saw an advertisement in a local magazine and it caught my eye straight away. As a child, I dreamed like a lot of little girls of being a ballet dancer and of course read the classic Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. I did not go to ballet classes as a child but thought what a wonderful opportunity it was to have a go as a ‘silver’ swan. So I went along and thoroughly enjoy the classes. It has been fun and challenging learning some basic ballet positions and trying to move gracefully to music. Outside of the class, I think I am more aware of my posture and try not to slouch! We laugh a lot and enjoy ourselves in class and I always leave with a smile on my face.


Age: 60

Where do you take Silver Swans classes? Leatherhead, Surrey (Centre Stage Dance and Drama)

Have you danced before? No. Joined Silver Swans in Sept 2017.

Why did you join Silver Swans?

I don’t really know why having never danced anything before!

But since retiring early I’ve looked for something interesting to do in the way of “formal” exercise. The gym has no interest so when Angela Rippon began to talk about Silver Swans, I looked to see if there was anything near me (I didn’t want to travel any distance just to exercise). Leatherhead is only 5 miles.

The benefit is so far hard to tell yet. It is great fun and I’m enjoying the challenge. We have a lovely bunch of women of all abilities in the class (most of the time I’m the only man).

I am told I am getting better and I think I am, but it is a very VERY long way to the Royal Opera House!