1 September 2023 14:29

RAD Australia presents Teacher Workshops at Australian Dance Festival

Australian Dance Festival Teacher Day, hosted by Royal Academy of Dance on Friday 15th September at Sydney Olympic Park. brings together a diverse range of workshops and discussions designed to expand your teaching repertoire, inspire innovation, and nurture your passion for dance education. From exploring the art of delivering open ballet classes and unlocking musicality to safeguarding in dance and venturing beyond traditional exams , this dynamic programme offers something for every teacher Each workshop and discussion led by esteemed tutors and industry experts aims to   provide valuable insights, practical techniques, and transformative perspectives. Join us for this unforgettable Teachers' Day, where you can network with fellow educators, and elevate your teaching practice to new heights, igniting your passion for dance education and unlock professional growth at this remarkable event.  


9.00-10.00am: Rambert Grades introduction and workshop with Robert Bruist

This innovative workshop, presented by Rambert Grades, will explore this pioneering contemporary dance syllabus created as a collaboration between two world-leading organisations in contemporary dance: Rambert (dance company) and Rambert School.In this interactive workshop, participants will engage in an exploration of the three strands of the Rambert Grades syllabus; Technical, Creative and Performance. Led by experienced Rambert Grades faculty members, this immersive experience will unveil the holistic ethos  of the Rambert Grades to assist teachers to develop  individual artistic expression and confidence in their students. 

10.15-11.00am: Dance for Older Learners; Silver Swans Workshop with Dr Rachel Ward

Learn more about the benefits of ballet for older learners in this workshop based on the RAD Silver Swans programme for over-55’s. Led by seasoned Silver Swans Licensee, this workshop will give you a greater understanding of how to safely modify and deliver ballet classes to older learners. Embrace this unique opportunity to expand your teaching repertoire, engage a  a wider community of dancers and learn more about RAD’s  Silver Swans programme. 

11.10 -11.30am: Harmonizing Ballet: Unlocking Musicality with RAD Pianist Grant Kennedy 

Join us at this enlightening workshop, tailored exclusively for dance teachers, as Grant expertly delves into the profound impact of music on dance training. Discover innovative teaching methods, practical exercises, and invaluable insights on how to cultivate musicality in your students. Immerse yourself in the art of dance accompanied by live piano, acquiring the tools to enhance rhythm, expression, and artistic nuance. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your teaching and infuse your classes with the transformative power of music. 

11.30am-12.30pm: Dancing with Freedom: Mastering Open Class Delivery with Lindsay Ellman Brown 

Led by the esteemed RAD examiner, Lindsay Ellman Brown and accompanied by RAD pianist Grant Kennedy , this workshop aims to empower and inspire dance teachers in crafting dynamic and engaging open ballet classes. Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and innovative methodologies on structuring lessons, introducing repertoire variations, and fostering creativity. Explore the art of balancing technique and artistic expression, while nurturing individuality and joy in your students. Unleash your teaching potential in this immersive workshop that will leave you equipped to create extraordinary open ballet classes that captivate and inspire.  

12.30pm-1.30pm: lunch 

1.30 – 2.00pm: Safeguarding in Dance with RAD Safeguarding Coordinator Kassie Bromley 

Presented by the Royal Academy of Dance’s dedicated Safeguarding Coordinator, this enlightening session will equip you with essential knowledge and strategies to learn more about creating a safe and secure environment for your students.. Explore the safeguarding, and best practices in dance education, through interactive discussions and practical scenarios. Discover how to navigate potential challenges, protect vulnerable students, and cultivate a culture of respect and well-being. 

2.15.-3.30pm: Beyond Traditional Exams: Unlocking the Spectrum of Exams & Awards with Christine Atkinson

This session will take you on a deep dive into the fascinating world of the Discovering Repertoire Syllabus and the versatile Solo Performance Awards. This workshop aims to expand your understanding of dance assessment by exploring innovative pathways for students' artistic growth and development. Discover how the Discovering Repertoire Syllabus can enhance technical proficiency and broaden repertoire knowledge. Delve into the exciting possibilities of Solo Performance Awards as an extension or alternative to traditional graded examinations. 

3.45- 4.45pm: Dance Teacher Education: An Innovative Approach  with RAD Interim National Director Shelley Yacopetti

By adopting a student-centred approach to teacher training that incorporates both online learning and studio-based teaching practice, RAD Faculty of Education’s portfolio of programmes is designed to meet the immediate and future aspirations of today’s dance teachers. This discussion will outline innovative approaches to initial dance teacher education that put students at the heart of their learning and teaching experiences, assisting them to take their first steps to a rewarding and exciting career in dance teaching.  


At the conclusion of the Friday programme, we will be giving away a pass to our highly anticipated 2024 Conference, “Dancing into the Future.” This exclusive giveaway represents a chance for one lucky attendee to immerse themselves in this remarkable upcoming event, connecting with industry professionals and discovering the latest trends in dance education.

In addition to our conference offer, we are pleased to extend a special opportunity to attendees wishing to take up RAD Membership. Teachers and students attending the Australian Dance Festival will have the chance to take advantage of an exclusive limited-time discounted rate over the duration of the Festival.

Join us at the Australian Dance Festival and seize the chance to be a part of RAD’s exceptional offerings.

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