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Boys Own Dance – an online discussion

Gerard Charles, Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Dance recently hosted an inspiring online chat with male role models from the world of dance.

Joining Gerard for the discussion were: Sean Bates, First Soloist, Northern Ballet; Alexander Campbell, Principal, The Royal Ballet; Chi Cao, former Principal, Birmingham Royal Ballet; Shevelle Dynott, Artist, English National Ballet; and Iain Mackay, former Principal, Birmingham Royal Ballet. In the video below, they discuss their lives in dance, how they began, where dancing has taken them, the highlights and challenges in their careers, as well as their own role models.


This discussion was created to support the RAD’s Project B initiative which aims to encourage more males into dance.

Project B

We are issuing a challenge to boys and men all over the world to be part of Project B. The RAD believes that dance is for everyone, regardless of age, sex or ability.  Project B sets out to inspire boys and men of all ages to try dance and to dance regularly through simple, fun and masculine choreography.

In his capacity as Global Male Dance Ambassador for RAD, Iain Mackay, Principal at Birmingham Royal Ballet, has created choreography to engage boys and men of all ages and abilities with dance. This draws on his experience as a dancer, a teacher, and as a father.

Iain has adapted the ballet vocabulary, drawing inspiration from classical ballet movements to other aspects of popular culture. New moves include: ‘the dab’, ‘Ronaldo’, ‘The Transformer’ (see below), and ‘Rock Guitar’ among others. These make dance accessible and suitable for all ages and abilities, from complete beginners to those with experience.

Take Part

The choreography is free to view via the Seenit Capture app as a series of clips showcasing dance moves, specifically for guys.

We want to invite you to be part of our Project B community. Film yourself learning the moves in the choreography and upload it via the app. You might feature in our video we’ll be creating later in 2017. We’d love to see your progress, and hear about what or who has inspired you to dance via Seenit.

Don’t wait – download the app now to access the Project B choreography, and make sure you enable push notifications so you’ll be notified of any updates!

Step by Step Guide to Using the App

  1. Download the SeenitCapture app (iOS & Android)
  2. ‘Sign up’ (if you do not have a log in already), or ‘Log in’, tap the menu icon on the top left and click ‘+Join new project’
  3. Enter project ID RADProjectB
  4. Follow the prompts down the screen to share your moves
  5. Tap on the Feed icon at the bottom to see the RAD guidance clips

Share your moves

As well as uploading your video through SeenIt you can also share your progress with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter using #RADProjectB.

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