30 September 2022 13:38

October is Mental Health Month

Monday 10 October, is World Mental Health Day, an initiative from the World Health Organization (WHO) to 'raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health' and the whole month of October is Mental Health Month here in Australia.  This year the theme is Awareness, Belonging, Connection.

At the RAD, we believe dance is a powerful tool for social connection, with an uplifting effect for young and old alike. We are keen to empower people to look after themselves and others to promote positive mental health as this so closely chimes with our own priorities in promoting the holistic benefits of dance for mind, body and spirit. The RAD’s motto ‘Salus et Felicitas’ literally means ‘Health and Happiness’.

Below are some resources which we hope will offer you support, inspiration and guidance for your mental health this month, starting with a mental health calendar for you to reflect and have fun with the ABC's of mental health and wellbeing. Click here to download a copy for yourself or your studio.


Stuck not Broken

RAD Chief Executive, Tim Arthur, with words of advice on coping with depression, anxiousness, and feeling overwhelmed.
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Wellbeing Toolkit

We launched a Wellbeing Toolkit to aid teachers’ when dealing not only with their own mental health, but that of their students too. It offers research-informed resources which aim to support both your physical and mental wellbeing. The features and links within it use academic and international resources as a framework. Explore the Wellbeing Toolkit in the Members’ Are of our website here.

Here are just a few of the resources on offer

How Dancing helps your mental health

In a UCLA study in August 2021 surveying 1,000 dancers across the world who had depression, anxiety, or a history of trauma. 98%—of all dancers said the practice improved their mood. Many also reported that conscious dance gave them more confidence and compassion.
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Reconnecting with myself through dance

"Movement was the real catalyst for change…What has saved me as a child was saving me all over again." Lawyer turned RAD Registered Teacher Sarah Aspinall.
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Will Centurion helps us reboot our motivation

Earlier this year as part of Children’s Mental Health Week we teamed up with Performing Arts Counsellor and Life Coach Will Centurion to provide a resource for our teachers with older students to help REBOOT their motivation when facing physical, mental and emotional fatigue. We invite you to follow Will’s advice in the short video below (4mins) and take 5 steps to REBOOT and reconnect with your passion, creativity, and purpose.

Leave it at the Door

Teacher, Heather Shrimpton, tells us about her ‘Leave it at the Door’ programme aiming to embed mental wellness within the Alloa Ballet Company.
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Why good mental health is important for dancers

“If your mental health is not in shape, you’re at an increased risk for injury and won’t perform optimally.” Professional dancers in this article speak about their own mental health journeys.
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A Piece of Mind…

Aiden Truss, from the RAD’s Marketing and Communications team opens up about his battle with depression, suicidal thoughts, and struggling to be ‘normal’ every day. He also shares his coping strategies and offers some advice on how to keep going while dealing with the worst aspects of the disorder.
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Where to get help

If you are struggling we encourage you to seek help. Professional help can be found at any of the below.

CPD for teachers

Body Image and Self-Esteem CPD Interactive Webinar - 24 October 10am – 1pm BST
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