Sue-Anne Hsuyin Tan (VIC)

Shortlisted piece ˈwɔː kɪŋ

ˈwɔː kɪŋ is a reflection of humankind’s inclination to war – with a pandemic, with each other, and with the Earth.
Composed and performed by Sue-Anne Tan, words by Stuart Greenbaum.


About Sue-Anne Hsuyin Tan

Sue-Anne Tan is an emerging composer, producer, and songwriter currently based in Melbourne, where she is completing her Bachelor of Music (Honours) at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Born and raised in the ethnically diverse city of Kuala Lumpur, she is fascinated by the shades of sound-colour that are unique to each culture. Her love for the weird and wonderful in the human mind and the natural world informs much of her music, which often deal with themes of loneliness and self-reflection.

Recently, she was commissioned by Science Gallery Melbourne to work with artist Josh Muir for their opening exhibition.

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