Emma Greenhill

Winning entry Regrowth

Regrowth was written inspired by the beautiful scene of our Australian forests regrowing after the catastrophic bushfires of 2019-20. Seeing our forests stripped bare as far as the eye could see was immensely disturbing and in stark contrast, seeing how strong the force of nature really is as greenery began to emerge from the blackness only one month later was truly astonishing.

About Emma Greenhill

One of Sydney’s emerging composers, Emma Greenhill has performed her own compositions twice at the Sydney Opera House and had her works performed by a number of Sydney-based chamber groups both in Australia and internationally. In 2017 she completed a Bachelor of Music (composition) at the Sydney Conservatorium and won the Watermark composition prize, offered by the Kendall National Competition. Sydney Conservatorium. Emma has taught composition from primary level – HSC, both privately and at Barker College.

A composer, violinist, arranger and educator, Greenhill is passionate about expanding the Australian musical landscape with more idiomatic and accessible pieces.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my piece be interpreted by another artist through a different art form. It will also be very exciting to see my music literally come to life through the physical act of dance, something I have always been very captivated by since childhood.

“The opportunity to then collaborate with the chosen choreographer and give them the opportunity to tell a story of their own through my music, will be an absolute privilege I am thrilled to undertake,” said Greenhill.

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