17 June 2024 14:26

Leading the Way in Safeguarding: RAD Australia’s New Training Course 

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Australia is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Safeguarding course, developed to align with Australian laws and designed specifically for our passionate teaching members. This initiative showcases our dedication to setting the standard in safeguarding practices, ensuring the safety and well-being of all people involved in our programs. 

Why Safeguarding is Crucial in the Dance Sector 

Safeguarding in the dance sector is vital for protecting dancers of all ages, from young children to vulnerable adults. As dance educators, it’s our duty to foster a secure and nurturing environment where every student can flourish. The new RAD Australia Safeguarding course is meticulously developed to meet the unique needs of our dance community, integrating Australian statutory responsibilities and legislation. 

Course Benefits 

This course not only meets RAD’s high standards for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) but also aligns with Australian legal requirements. Here’s why this course is a game-changer for our members: 

  1. Tailored to Australian Laws: Our course is designed to comply with Australian legislation, ensuring our members are well-versed in local safeguarding protocols. 
  2. Dance Sector Focused: Unlike general safeguarding training, our course dives deep into the specifics of safeguarding within the dance context, making it more relevant and practical for our teaching members. 
  3. Comprehensive Coverage: The course encompasses essential safeguarding objectives, including: 
    1. Understand the forms of child abuse and your role in preventing child abuse. 
    2. Understand harm and what causes harm in the dance industry. 
    3. Recognise the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. 
    4. Understand Australian legislation regarding Working with Children Checks. 
    5. Identify steps to create a child safe environment in your dance school. 
    6. Define what to do if you are aware a child is the subject of child abuse. 
  4. Flexibility and Accessibility: Available online through the Members’ Area on the Australian Teachers Resources page, members can complete it at their convenience. There’s still ample time to fulfill this requirement as part of the CPD year before the 2024/2025 renewal period.  

Encouraging Member Participation 

Open to all, we strongly encourage all members to take advantage of this essential training. Completing this course not only meets your CPD requirements but also enhances your ability to provide a safe learning environment, reflecting our collective commitment to safeguarding in dance education. 

“This new safeguarding course is a significant step forward for RAD Australia. It ensures our members are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to protect their students, aligning with Australian laws and best practices. Our focus is always on the safety and well-being of our students, and this course reaffirms our commitment to that priority.”  

Kassie Bromley, Safeguarding Coordinator 

Meeting Your CPD Requirements 

Members can choose any safeguarding training that meets RAD’s outlined learning objectives. While other training options exist, such as those for sport in general, school teachers or professionals in other fields, our course is uniquely suited to the dance sector. For those opting for external training, it must meet RAD’s standards to be accepted as part of your annual CPD. 

Join Us in Leading the Industry 

By participating in this new safeguarding course, RAD Australia members will not only meet mandatory CPD requirements but also help set a benchmark in the dance industry for safeguarding practices. We are excited to lead this initiative and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our teaching community and students alike. 

Let’s work together to create a safer dance environment for everyone. 

For more information or any questions regarding the RAD membership safeguarding requirements, please contact Membership Coordinator Genevieve Morris at gmorris@rad.org.au. For general enquiries, email membership@rad.org.au. 

How to complete the RAD Australia Safeguarding Training Course

  1. Login to the Member’s Area below.
  2. From the menu at the top, select ‘Resources’
  3. Select ‘Australian Teacher Resourses’
  4. Click through to ‘RAD Australia Safeguarding in Dance’


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