Examination Sessions Information Updates

The dates below are when notifications were posted. If you have not received your notification two weeks after this date please contact exams@rad.org.au.

If you have an urgent exams enquiry outside of normal business hours please contact 0424 723 462.

COVID-19 Exams update

The usual delivery of live examinations has been disrupted due to the global COVID-19 Pandemic. Please refer to the Exam Dates page for up to date information.

In response to the pandemic we have also begun to successfully deliver examinations by video and teachers can find out more about this by contacting their Tour Organiser who can be found on the Exam Dates page also.

Exam preparation information for teachers in 2021.

RAD headquarters have put together guidelines for RAD teachers to help with the planning and preparation of examinations over the next few months. This includes adaptations to the format of some examinations as well as suggestions for managing social distancing in alignment with UK government guidelines. These adaptations apply until December 2021. Find out more here.

Approved Examination Centre (AEC) (Graded Examinations) Sessions

Session Examiner Exam Notification Sent Results Sent
Sydney 1st Rachael McGowan 30 June (online*)
Sue Arrigo 30 June (online*)
Chrisanthi Nagendra 30 June (online*)
Jan Mills 30 June (online*)
Christine Atkinson 30 June (online*)
Robyn Hick 5 July (online*)
Dale Coles 9 July (online*)
Brisbane 1st Chrisanthi Nagendra 28 May
Robyn Hick 28 May
Christine Atkinson 28 May
Kit Lethby 28 May
Canberra Dale Coles 14 May
Helen Cooper 14 May
North Queensland (Townsville) Julie Ann Kerr 21 May
North Queensland (Cairns) Sharyn Constable 21 May
Gosford Elizabeth McGirr 1 June
Riverina Kristie Smee 14 July
Newcastle Samantha Leeman 16 June
Lucy Chuan 16 June
Wollongong Shayne White 2 June
Central Queensland (Mackay) Sandra Griffin 21 May
Central Queensland (Rockhampton to Hervey Bay) Robyn Hick 17 June
South Australia
Gold Coast Kerrie Smith 9 June
Sydney 2nd Official Studio
Western NSW
North West NSW
North NSW
Sydney 2nd
Brisbane 2nd
Western Australia
Melbourne 2nd


Session Examiner Exam Notification Sent Results Sent
Melbourne Special
Brisbane 1st Karen Suttie 1 April 27 May
Sydney 1st Debra Whitten 18 March 1 July (online*)
Christine Atkinson 1 July (online*)
Chrisanthi Nagendra 1 July (online*)
Melbourne 1st Sharyn Constable 20 May
Sydney 2nd
North Queensland - Mackay Sheila Laing 21 May
North Queensland - Cairns Sharyn Constable 21 May
Adelaide Jane Inglis Keen 2 June 26 July
Perth 15 June
Brisbane 2nd Jan Mills 21 June
Gold Coast
Sydney 2nd
North West NSW
Western NSW
Melbourne 2nd

* results have been published online but there may well be a delay in posting results due to the COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney.