Information on fees, refunds, withdrawals and cancellations for RAD exams.

 2023 FEES


Fee per candidate / participant

A$ (inc GST)



Member* Non Member Member* Non Member
Primary in Dance 85 129
Grade 1 93 146
Grade 2 106 163
Grade 3 113 191
Grade 4 121 195
Grade 5 126 201
Grade 6 135 210
Grade 7 143 218
Grade 8 147 227
Intermediate Foundation 161 231
Intermediate 168 234
Advanced Foundation 173 349 235 416
Advanced 1 180 355 239 419
Advanced 2 202 377 252 432
Solo Seal n/a 319 499
Discovering Repertoire Level 2 (per unit) 66 80
Discovering Repertoire Level 3 (per unit) 71 89
Discovering Repertoire Level 4 (per unit) 84 106


Pre-Primary in Dance 68 76
Primary in Dance 76 84
Grade 1 82 92
Grade 2 95 107
Grade 3 98 109
Grade 4 103 114
Grade 5 109 121
Grade 6 116 150
Grade 7 121 157
Grade 8 126 204
Discovering Repertoire Level 2 (per unit) 41 59
Discovering Repertoire Level 3 (per unit) 48 66
Discovering Repertoire Level 4 (per unit) 59 78


Grade 1 71 83
Grade 2 82 93
Grade 3 84 96
Grade 4 97 106
Grade 5 109 121
Grade 6 116 126
Grade 7 121 131


Level 1 or Level 2 40 54


Minimum fee payable if examining time less than three hours 2,138 n/a


Incomplete or amended entries and dishonoured payments 60
Late entries – week 1 10%
Late entries – week 2 20%


Certificates 45
Medals / bars 20


Result Enquiry Report 80
Appeal 110


Member* Non Member
Attendance fee 65 97.50


* Membership rate is accessible after taking up or renewing an RAD membership and must be completed prior to an exam entry. Please refer to the RAD Australia Membership Page for more information.

Late Entry Fees

1 week after closing date – 10% of entry
2 weeks after closing date – 20% of entry

No new entries or changes are permitted later than 2 weeks after the closing date.

Candidate Withdrawal (non-COVID related)

Candidate withdrawal due to injury or illness (non-COVID-19 related) – option to carry-forward exam fee via a transfer letter, or up to 50% refund upon submission of evidence such as a doctor’s certificate.

Transfer letters or refunds will not be given:

  • where a teacher withdraws a candidate after the entry has been submitted
  • for clashes with events in the candidate’s school, college or university calendar as these should have been foreseen at the time of entry (this includes exams, holidays, rehearsals or school trips)
  • where candidates’ ‘impossible dates’ availability is changed after the entry has been submitted
  • where candidates’ lessons have been curtailed before an exam due to a dispute between the applicant and the candidate (or candidate’s parent/guardian)
  • where a candidate withdraws from an exam due to a pre-requisite not being passed
  • where a candidate withdraws from an exam because they have not yet reached the minimum age
  • for demonstration classes
  • where a candidate does not arrive for their exam
  • where a candidate changes their mind about wishing to take their exam.


If exams are cancelled due to COVID-19, every attempt will be made to reschedule, carry-over an entry via a transfer letter or offer a video assessment option in the first instance. If none of these options are viable, RAD will refund 90% of the exam fee. Cancelled by COVID-19 means in any of the following circumstances:

  • changes in government guidance about who/how many can meet and for what purpose
  • lockdown measures being put into place
  • restrictions on travel meaning that the examiner/teacher and candidates cannot attend the planned examination day
  • the examiner, teacher or candidate contracting COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19
  • the teacher or candidate needing to self-isolate in alignment with government guidance.

Processing Refunds

Refunds can only be requested by the Applicant School (i.e. school or studio submitting the exam entries). Refunds may be paid into the bank account the Applicant School specifies (i.e. can be directed toward relevant recipient).

Additional Surcharges

  • Multiple student cheques/credit cards – $50


  • Extracts from the register of examinations – $45

Studio hire (Darlinghurst studio)

  • $60 per hour

Minimum Fee

Teachers who have less than 3 hours examination work may choose to hold their examinations in their own studios by paying an additional charge on the total fee income from their examination, presentation class, class award and demonstration class entries to bring it up to the minimum fee level quoted below. This surcharge will not apply if teachers continue to combine with other teachers. The minimum fee is $2,138.

Payment for Examinations

It is preferred that payment and entry for examination is made online. If this is not available, entries will only be accepted with payment via EFT, cheque, or Credit Card (excluding Amex & Diners Club). A surcharge may be applied if there are multiple payments for School’s entry.

Direct deposits can be made to:
Account Name: Royal Academy of Dance
BSB: 032-034
Account number: 800571

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