Exam Dates 2021

Information on exam dates are below. We encourage all teachers to use our faster more efficient online entries system but should you wish to submit a paper entry please be advised the closing date for paper entries is two weeks prior to the closing date for online entries for each tour.

If you have an urgent exams enquiry outside of normal business hours please call 0424 723 462

*UPDATE FOR NSW and ACT Sessions

Please note that due to COVID-19 lockdown there have been significant impacts on exam sessions in NSW and ACT from August 2021. Teachers have a range of options available to navigate entries in these sessions. Please see this update document (as at 28 September) for the available options in each individual session affected.

Approved Examination Centre (AEC) Sessions for Exams in Your Own Studio

Session Contact Person for the tour Closing date Online entries Approx start date Approx end date
Melbourne (Dual RAV/AEC session) Kelsaya Antony 12 Feb 8 Mar 9 Mar
Sydney 1st Olivia Weeks 1 Mar 10 May 26 June
Brisbane 1st Sharon Cois 30 Apr 12 July 20 Aug
Victoria 1st Kelsaya Antony 17 May 12 July 17 Sept
Nth QLD Sharon Cois 7 May 12 July 7 Aug
Central QLD Sharon Cois 14 May 12 July 27 Aug
ACT Kathryn Hughes 10 May 19 July 4 Oct
Gosford Belinda Campbell 17 May 11 Sept 19 Nov
Newcastle Erin Mortimer 31 May 10 Sept 15 Oct
Nth NSW Olivia Weeks 24 May 26 July 13 Aug
South Australia Lia Cocks 24 May 6 Aug 17 Oct
Wollongong Belinda Campbell 17 May 29 Aug 6 Dec
Gold Coast Sharon Cois 21 May 2 Aug 3 Sept
Tasmania - Hobart Kelsaya Antony 12 July 30 Aug 9 Sept
Official Studio Sydney Olivia Weeks 21 June 27 Sept 22 Oct
Western NSW Erin Mortimer 26 July 11 Sept 8 Oct
Riverina Kathryn Hughes 5 July 11 Sept 8 Oct
Tasmania - Launceston Kelsaya Antony 12 July 12 Sept 17 Sept
Brisbane 2nd Sharon Cois 23 July 4 Oct 13 Nov
Sydney 2nd Erin Mortimer 17 Sept 5 Oct 17 Dec
Western Australia Lia Cocks 16 Aug 11 Oct 18 Nov
Victoria 2nd (filmed only) Kelsaya Antony 15 Oct TBA TBA
North West NSW Belinda Campbell 2 Aug 18 Oct 17 Dec

RAD Approved Venue (RAV) Sessions Studio Organised by the RAD

Session Contact person for tour Online Entry Closing Date Start Date (approx) End Date (approx)
Melbourne (Dual RAV/AEC Session) Kelsaya Antony 12 Feb 15 Mar 19 Mar
Brisbane 1st Sharon Cois 12 Mar 4 May 21 May
Sydney 1st Kathryn Hughes 1 Mar 17 May 18 June
Melbourne 1st Kelsaya Antony 3 May 7 June 25 June
Adelaide Lia Cocks 24 May 12 July 17 July
Central QLD - Mackay Sharon Cois 7 May 26 July 7 Aug
Perth Lia Cocks 24 May 19 July 31 July
Brisbane 2nd Sharon Cois 4 June 2 Aug 3 Sept
Newcastle Belinda Campbell 14 June 2 Aug 13 Oct
Nth QLD - Cairns Sharon Cois 7 May 4 Aug 6 Aug
Western NSW - Orange Olivia Weeks 26 July 11 Sept 8 Oct
Tasmania - Hobart Kelsaya Antony 12 July 6 Sept 14 Sept
Gold Coast (QLD Residents only) Kelsaya Antony 23 July 11 Oct 29 Oct
Melbourne 2nd * CANCELLED Kelsaya Antony
Sydney 2nd *CANCELLED Olivia Weeks
North West NSW - Port Macquarie Belinda Campbell 2 Aug 18 Oct 17 Dec
North West NSW - Tamworth Belinda Campbell 2 Aug 18 Oct 17 Dec

Solo Seal Dates

Location Contact Person Online Entry Closing Date Examination Date
Brisbane Sharon Cois 4 June 7 Aug
Sydney Olivia Weeks 31 May 5 Oct - 19 Nov (filmed)
Melbourne Kelsaya Antony 10 Sept 5 Oct - 19 Nov (filmed)
Perth Lia Cocks 24 May 25 July TBC
Adelaide Lia Cocks 24 May July/Aug TBC

Important notes:
Some tours listed have multiple target dates. The latest target date for the session has been indicated.
Any paper examination entry forms are to be sent directly to your Regional Manager.

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Kelsaya Antony
Kathryn Hughes
Belinda Campbell 
Olivia Weeks
Lia Cox
Erin Mortimer

For Solo Seal enquiries in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney please contact Olivia Weeks