27 May 2021 1:30–2:30pm BST

Ballet in the 20th Century: An American Choreographer: Jerome Robbins (Webinar)

The webinar will introduce choreographic developments in a selection of ballets by Jerome Robbins (1918-1998): Afternoon of a Faun (1958), New York Export: Opus Jazz (1958), In G Major (1975) and Glass Pieces (1983).

The webinar will explore a selection of Robbins’s iconic works, amidst the wealth of repertoire created for companies including New York City Ballet, Ballets: U.S.A. (in existence from 1958-59, 1961), and Paris Opera Ballet. Participants will gain insight into significant moments from the selected works that became synonymous with the chorography of Robbins, in which popular culture, narrative ballets and abstract motion became part of his choreographic signature.

As part of the webinar, participants will be prompted to reflect on the choreography observed and the contributions made by Robbins, through watching selected film clips and reviewing a range of writings on these ballets, in view of the technical shifts in these selected works.


The aims of this webinar are to:

  • Provide insights into the shifts in classicism in ballet repertoire, and the legacies of Jerome Robbins in the mid to late 20th century
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the choreography structure and devices seen in Robbins’s Afternoon of a Faun (1958), New York Export: Opus Jazz (1958), In G Major (1975) and Glass Pieces (1983)
  • Gain appreciation of the balletic styles of Robbins’s selected works, including the legacies of New York City Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet (as a connection to the post-war impact of American dance in Paris)

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this webinar, participants will:

  • have an increased understanding of mid-late 20th century ballet repertoire and Jerome Robbins’ revitalisation of choreography in the late 1950s through to 1980s
  • have enhanced understanding of a neoclassical concern with post-war popular culture (with respect to selected repertoire by Robbins)
  • be able to recognise some of the choreographic features associated with the selected case studies and choreographer
  • have awareness of the observational and analytical skills required for examining choreographic structures within the range of repertoire

Webinar Presenter

Dr Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel is Head of Research in the Faculty of Education, editor of Focus on Education, and has essays and articles published in the Dance Chronicle, the South African Dance Journal, The Times of Malta, the Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Dance (2019) and the Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet (forthcoming 2021). Her books include Princess Poutiatine and the Art of Ballet in Malta (2020), and an extensive anthology on contemporary ballet, co-edited with Dr Jill Nunes Jensen and published by Oxford University Press. From 2005-2016, Kathrina led modules on 20th and 21st Century ballet and dance histories at the Faculty of Education. She has curated, researched and written the webinar series: Pioneers of the RAD (2020), and Ballet in the 20th Century (2021).

Find out more information on her role at the RAD.

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