18 March 2022 19:54

Congratulations to the Finalists of the 2022 Isobel Anderson Awards

We’ve had a wonderful week in our Darlinghurst studio with dancers taking part in the 2022 Isobel Anderson Awards.  We are delighted to announce the following candidates will be progressing to the final on Sunday 27 March at the Everest Theatre in the Seymour Centre.

Well done to these finalists, but also to all of the students who have worked so hard to participate in the awards this year. We congratulate everyone on their determination and commitment and thank their teachers for helping them to prepare.

We are running the finals as 2 separate shows this year; tickets can be purchased for either the Joan & Monica Halliday Awards or the Isobel Anderson Awards; or a discounted rate ticket can be purchased which includes entry to both Awards.

Please also note the venue’s requirements regarding COVID vaccination for audience members.

Tickets for the final can be purchased here. 

Intermediate Foundation

202. Sara Evans
213. Ava Micallef
225. Estelle Wong
227. Kate Connelly
232. Olivia Li
243. Ella Marshall
252. Charlotte Withford
261. Ava Gilbert
267. Eden Lawrence
269. Isabella Day
270. Sophie Wilson
277. Ryan Keo


288. Amélia Morgan
289. Nanao Sato
293. Oriel Santoso
296. Sophie Dang
299. Freya Wild
312. Charlize Portes-Green
320. Siofra McAweeney
322. Coco Solomon
323. Ruby Corrie
324. Aurelia Beal-Attwood
335. Amahli Kipa
338. Dante Minassian

Advanced Foundation

346. Pelagia Karakontis
358. Daisy Cumpson
363. Giselle Kotlyar
366. Lucy Hu
372. Mia Luu
379. Scarlet Higgins
383. Jasinta Birchall
385. Veronica Button
388. Henry Burgess
390. Charlie Carberry

Advanced 1

394. Milania Koryzma
400. Ella Brownlow-Ziirsen
404. Livinia Whitelaw
408. Alice Thorogood
409. Lucy Thorogood
410. Eliza Davis
411. Halle Mcgregor
413. Mahalia Adamson
419. Arainn Pillay
420. Ben Moss
422. Alexander Phoon

Tickets for the final can be purchased here. 

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