4 September 2023 15:27

Cairns Finalists announced for the 2023 inaugural Shirley Treacy Awards

We are delighted to announce the finalists of the Cairns Semi-Finals of the inaugural Shirley Treacy Awards. The Cairns semi-finals, which took place on Sunday, August 27th, showcased the remarkable dedication and skill of all the participants. The event was adjudicated by esteemed RAD examiner Carol Kettlewell, who noted the sense of community and high standard of dance displayed throughout the morning. Ms Kettlewell also commended the exceptional choreography set by the class teacher for the students.

The Royal Academy of Dance Australia extends warm congratulations to all the finalists and expresses immense gratitude to the participants, their teachers, and their families for their unwavering support. These talented candidates will now advance to the finals of the Shirley Treacy Awards, where they will compete virtually against finalists from various regions across Queensland in September 2023. This event has been developed by Queensland Regional Manager in a dual live/virtual format to ensure accessibility and equitability for dancers across Queensland.

RAD Australia would also like to express its appreciation to the volunteers, regional advisory panel, participants, and supporters who have played instrumental roles in the success of the Shirley Treacy Awards Semi-Finals in Queensland. Their unwavering support has provided invaluable opportunities for aspiring dancers in Regional Queensland to pursue their dreams and establish themselves in the world of dance.

The finalists are:

Grade 4 and 5 Finalists

  • 101 – Aire Tyler - Maree Gear Coaching
  • 103 – Cayden Conners - Turning Pointe Dance Studios
  • 104 – Sienna Lopes - FNQ Dance Academy

Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate

  • 203 – Hannah Rayment - FNQ Dance Academy
  • 206 - Lilee Chapple - Turning Pointe Dance Studios
  • 209 - Isabella  Newcombe - FNQ Dance Academy
  • 210 – Lilly Lennon - In2Dance

Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2

  • 301 – Tiffany Kay - FNQ Dance Academy
  • 302 – Jasmyn Ware - Turning Pointe Dance Studios

With thanks to our generous sponsors of the 2023 National Events Programme