The Centenary Medal has been introduced to commemorate the Royal Academy of Dance teaching the world to dance and supporting young dancers’ development for 100 years.


The Centenary Medal will be awarded to the dancer who demonstrates exceptional artistry and performance for an audience, including:

  • maintaining confidence and showing responsiveness to an audience in a performance setting
  • awareness and sensitivity to the music through movement and performance quality
  • a clear understanding of the genre and style, and demonstration of individuality in their interpretation
  • technical facility, outstanding execution and spatial awareness.

The centenary medal will be awarded at the following events nationwide.

  • Joan and Monica Halliday Memorial Awards NSW (1 medal)
  • Isobel Anderson Memorial Awards NSW (1 medal)
  • Jacqueline Morland Awards QLD (3 medals, junior, intermediate and senior)
  • Festival of Dance WA (3 medals 1 junior, 1 intermediate and 1 senior)

Please note due to the disruption of COVID-19 and the cancellation of the following events in 2021, the Centenary Medal will now be awarded at these events in 2022.

  • Shirley Treacy Memorial Award QLD (1 medal) – formerly The North Queensland Bursary
  • SA Awards (2 medals, junior and senior)
  • Audrey Nicholls Awards VIC (2 medals, Grades 1-5 and Grades 6-8)
  • Kathleen Gorham Awards VIC (1 medal)
  • Betsy Sawers Awards ACT (2 medals, junior and senior)
  • Joan Burnett Scholarship TAS (1 medal)
  • Susan Sargison Awards TAS (1 medal)

Centenary Medal Winners:

Centenary medal winners will be profiled on this page throughout 2021 and 2022.

With thanks to the generous support of our Centenary Medal Sponsor