My Dance

The RAD is many things to many people. Our ‘my Dance’ brochure allows teachers, students, parents, members and examiners from around the world to talk about their RAD and their love of dance.

Get Involved

We want to hear about what dance means to you. Add your story to our Facebook page and share it with the world #myDance story.

From our Artistic Director’s passion for creativity to Genée candidate success-stories, and from far-flung members to figures in your local community, all have their chapter to add to the story of the RAD.

We have produced a print and an e-version (with extra videos and links) and hope that you will share it with others and perhaps surprise a few people about what we do. You can also download a PDF version of the brochure.

Along with the brochure, our new ‘my Dance’ video offers a glimpse of the many, varied faces we come into contact with every day. From our energetic Step into Dance students to our graceful Silver Swans, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy it.